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Ridge Visit

28 September
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

I recently had an opportunity to check out the timber operations across the highway on Monarch Ridge. The work is coming along utilizing the winch assist machines. There were several decks stacked along the upper road and the machines have worked their way towards the mining claims located adjacent to the Madonna Mine. Once they reach this northern boundary, they will start cutting below the road down towards Monarch Park. The operators will thin this lower section back to the south towards the major powerline where they started.

This portion of the Monarch Pass Vegetation Management Project is a multi-agency effort officially labeled as the Monarch Pass Forest & Watershed Health Project. This is a collaboration by several organizations to further address forest degradation in one of the upper reaches of the Arkansas River Basin. Its aim is to improve forest and watershed health, reduce fuel loading and wildfire severity, protect infrastructure and provide for firefighter and public safety. More info on this partnership can be found on their website.

Logging Truck
Log Forwarder
Winch Assist Cutter and Processor
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