Monarch Outpost Opens May 24
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Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 
2018-19 Uphill Access Policy

Uphill access ticket policy and user guidelines:

The Monarch Mountain uphill access policy is intended to educate users about the risks of these activities.

Monarch Mountain permits uphill traffic with limited restrictions. However, there are guidelines that all uphill users must follow to promote safety and to minimize conflicts between mountain operations including but not limited to: grooming operations (including winch cat), snowmobile traffic, other vehicles, downhill skiers/riders, and any other activities that might be taking place at any time on the mountain, day and night.

Uphill access is an activity that Monarch Mountain supports in the interest of increasing the enjoyment of the National Forest. Monarch Mountain thanks users in advance for your cooperation in following these guidelines which enhance enjoyment of the mountain experience.

Uphill users are considered skiers under the Colorado Ski Safety Act and are required to adhere to the laws stated in the act and the specific items located within the skier’s responsibility code.

Ticket policy:

The uphill access ticket is available at the guest service desk during normal business operating hours. Current season pass holders may obtain a complimentary uphill ticket, but there is a small administrative fee ($20) for the uphill ticket for non-season pass holders. The uphill ticket is valid for the 2018-19 winter season. Users will be required to sign the general liability waiver that includes uphill travel. Users will be given a hard copy and emailed a copy of this uphill Travel Policy.

Uphill tickets should be worn at all times (during and after operating hours) when accessing the ski area with the following acceptable uphill type equipment: a/t gear, nordic, split-board, snowshoe, and (fat tire mountain bikes-outside of operating hours ONLY). Foot traffic is discouraged. Any type of sledding devices is prohibited at all times. If tickets are not visible, users may be asked to stop and show their uphill ticket to Monarch Mountain staff.

Uphill guidelines:

  1. Be observant when ascending. The ski area conducts operations on the mountain 24 hours a day – before, during, and after the ski season. Users may encounter snowcats, winch cats, winch cables, snowmobiles, trucks, skiers/riders and other types of operations at any time.
  2. Respect all closures, warning signs and ropes at all times.
  3. Designated uphill routes – during operating hours (09:00am-04:00pm)
    1. Barrel loop- (center of lower tango-climbers right of north forty-to the top of Gunbarrel)
    2. Pano route- (center of lower tango-climbers right of north forty-climbers left of roundabout-climbers left of Skywalker)
    3. Mirk route- (climbers left of Little Mo-to the top of Mirkwood*) *When open
  4. Designated uphill routes are marked by a yellow diamond shaped marker with a black arrow.
  5. Terrain parks are closed outside of operating hours. Other trails may be used during this time.
  6. Fat tire mountain bikes are allowed outside of operating hours – not during operating hours.
  7. Be aware of others on the mountain and remain visible from above at all times.
  8. Keep your uphill access ticket visible at all times and be willing to stop and produce it whenever asked by any resort personnel.
  9. At dusk, night, or early morning, wear reflective clothing visible from all directions, such as a vest, armband, belt, reflective clothing or pack, headlamp, flashing bike light, etc.


Dogs are prohibited on the mountain during operating hours and are strongly discouraged at all other times. The resort is not responsible for injury to dogs, service animals, or other pets. User may be held responsible for any resulting damages or injuries to persons or property due to their animal, as well as loss of access/ticket privileges. If you do bring your dog on the mountain outside of operating hours, please clean up after your animal and maintain control of them at all times with a leash or verbal command.

Closures and mountain operations:

  1. Uphill users must obey all signs, warnings, and closures. Winch cat operations are identified by an orange sign near the anchor point and a blue flashing warning light on the winch-cat. Other snowcats use an orange light. Do not under any circumstances ski/ride near any snowcats or grooming operations. Just because you can easily see a snowcat, doesn’t mean that the operator can see you.
  2. Terrain parks are closed outside of normal operating hours.
  3. Mirkwood and other avalanche terrain may be closed. Avalanche mitigation may be in progress at any time during the early morning, daytime, or dusk. It is your responsibility to avoid areas where these activities may be in progress. Please check in with ski patrol dispatch if in question. If in doubt, avoid traveling in or under any steep terrain.
  4. It is unlawful to board any of the lifts without a valid lift ticket or season pass. Anyone utilizing uphill access privileges to access upper mountain lifts without a valid lift ticket or pass will be subject to the loss of all pass privileges at the resort for an extended period and may be prosecuted for theft under Colorado law.
  5. If user decides to leave the ski area boundary, user is responsible for understanding risks. User may not enter, leave or re-enter the ski area by using a closed area, including marked USFS boundary closures. User must exit the area through USFS designated access points.
  6. Ski patrol services are not available outside of operating hours. Call 911 in case of emergency. Cell service may be spotty or unavailable and rescue may be lengthy.
  7. Monarch Mountain reserves the right to prohibit uphill access at any time due to special events, weather, or for any other reason deemed necessary by Monarch Mountain administration.


  1. During the ski season, uphill users outside of operating hours are encouraged to park in the area next to the Water Treatment Plant to be clear of parking lot plowing operations
  2. Outside of the ski season, uphill users should be aware that parking lot gates are unlocked only during operating hours; these hours are posted on the entrance gate (don’t get locked inside!)