Monarch Outpost Opens May 24
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Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 

Sunny weekend

06 December
Categories : Storm Watch
Posted by Rich Rogers

Hey folks,

Just checking in on you! How’s everyone’s season? Awesome, Pretty good, decent or not so great? Either way I hope it gets better. It just keeps snowing here at Monarch Mountain so we’re doing great! We received two inches overnight and it is currently snowing lightly. It has warmed up a bit compared to the last 4 days. Winds are in the 15-25 mph range, temperatures are still in the mid 20’s so it’s staying cold and mother nature is producing good snow! Looking out the window I am observing some wind driven snow but it’s not too intense.

Real quick, we continue to see snowfall tonight and into late afternoon Friday. Looking for 1-3″ during that time frame. For the weekend, Daytime temps in the low 20’s and winds West-northwest @ 10-15mph with some possible gusts in the mid 20’s.  Other than that it should be a pretty nice weekend with sunshine and leftover powder to smash!

Beyond the weekend we’ll see mostly sunny skies and temps in the higher 20’s till maybe Wednesday. Wednesday night or Thursday is the next chance for snow. I’ll keep an eye on this the best I can. I’ll be in Leadville at Colorado Mountain College for a week of education with some of the top avalanche and weather gurus.

Till then, pray for snow!!