Monarch Outpost Opens May 24
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Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 

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06 February
Categories : Storm Watch
Posted by Rich Rogers

Good day powder people,

It’s currently snowing pretty hard here at Monarch Mountain and looks to be continuing through tonight into tomorrow. With temperatures cooling today and overnight the density of the snow should become lighter for tomorrow. Also, the parking lot isn’t super full so less tracks today means fresher lines tomorrow.

Just heard an interval snow depth reading of 4″. We are only forecasted 3-6″ today. Latest model run now shows up to 8″ for today with more overnight and tomorrow.

Here is what to look for tomorrow, more snow, another 2-5″ overnight-tomorrow. Snowfall “should” taper off late tomorrow afternoon. High temp in the single digits tomorrow with winds out of the West at 25-35mph with gust in the 40s. Wind chills will be well below zero, but the skiing will be worth it. The broad snow covering should be 8-10″. In areas where wind has a more positive effect on the snow, one might find depths easily exceeding 8-10″. Enjoy!

That’s all for now! Pray for snow!