Monarch Outpost Opens May 24
Snow Report
Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 

Next few days to be unsettled and snowy

28 November
Categories : Storm Watch
Posted by Rich Rogers

Hey Monarch powder people,

So by this point you may or may not know that a decent storm cycle is upon us. Flurries have started here at Monarch Mountain, so we got that going for us, which is nice! We’ve opened a lot of terrain pretty quickly thanks to that last storm the dropped 14 inches in about 2 days.

So, what can you expect from today (wed.) through Sunday?

Currently a cold front is pushing in to the state with pacific moisture in-tow. Today we will see temps right around 25-30F, with zonal (westerly) winds at 15-25mph and light snow accumulating 1-2 inches. Tonight into Thursday, an additional 1-2 inches and 2-4 inches on Thursday-day. Snowfall continues through Thursday night with another 1-3 inches. Little bits of snow add up to a lot. If you add that up it makes 5-11 inches in the next 48hrs. So, my gut says to narrow it down to 5-7 inches in that time frame. I’m hoping for the high end of 11 inches, but each forecaster adds or subtracts value to their forecast. Why am I subtracting value? Well, there is a chance California could steal some moisture from this upper level low pressure system leaving us with less. That’s just how that goes. Also, models are showing lesser amounts of snow in the southern part of the state for tonight and Thursday.

Beyond Thursday night into Monday, periods of snow continue. Snow accumulation trend beyond Thursday night isn’t consistent buts let’s say another 3-7 inches. Winds stay out of the west-southwest at 10-25mph with gusts upwards of 35mph. Temperatures are on a cooling trend through Monday and staying above 15F for highs. After sunset on this coming Monday we clear out till another storm comes in on Wednesday through Thursday evening.

Ill check back in Friday or Saturday to nail down some details for Sunday-Monday and clearer look at next Wednesday and Thursday. The whole mountain should be skiing pretty darn good after this storm! Its skiing pretty good right now but what I’m saying is that its going to get better, naturally!

Also, the tubing park opens tomorrow!  Ski ya later and pray for snow!


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