Monarch Outpost Opens May 24
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Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 

Groundhog Day

01 February
Categories : Storm Watch
Posted by Rich Rogers

Hello everyone,

Having such interest in weather and coming from the great state of Pennsylvania, its not much of surprise that I have a comical love for Groundhog day. It’s a fun tradition. It doesn’t mean anything but it’s fun. Its a wild guess by a wild animal interpreted by humans that claim to understand “groundhog-ese”.  Well, wether Phil sees his shadow or not, spring will begin on March 20th. Enjoy the festivities and myths of Groundhog Day!

So, we have some snow on the way Sunday-Monday.  3-5 inches can be expected. Should be pretty good skiing Monday morning. Wetter snow than what Monarch usually gets but that’s ok.

On Tuesday night into Thursday We could see an additional 4-6 inches. Possible mid-week POW day!! I’ll keep an eye on this. Models are not quite agreeing on this yet so subject to change. I’d imagine all of next week, conditions will be pretty nice.

Today was really good skiing! A taste of spring weather with cold mid-winter snow conditions.

Daytime temps for Sunday and Monday will be in the low 20s. Winds 20-30mph out of the Southwest. Might see some gusts around 50mph so hang on to your hats!

Rise and shine campers cause it’s Groundhog Day!(watch the movie, Groundhog Day)

Ski ya later, pray for snow