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All Adult tickets $54 
equipment allowed
equipment list

Monarch Mountain can be enjoyed using alpine, snowboard, telemark or specialized ski equipment used by skiers with a disability. Regardless of how you enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others, ski and ride within your abilities, and remember the skier/rider responsibilities. Know the Code

equipment allowed

  1. Skis + Poles
  2. Snowboards
  3. Ski Blades/Ski Boards
  4. Monoskis
  5. Equipment specifically designed for persons with a disability
  6. *Snowshoes are allowed outside of normal operating hours and on designated uphill routes during operating hours with a valid uphill access ticket. View Uphill Policy here
  7. **Fat Tire Bikes are only allowed outside of normal operating hours. View Uphill Policy here

equipment NOT allowed

  1. Ski Snowskates
  2. Snowskates
  3. Snowdecks
  4. Plastic Snowboards
  5. Airboards
  6. Toboggans
  7. Ghosky
  8. Snowbikes (bicycle conversion)
  9. Body Sleds
  10. Sleds/Discs
  11. Snowscooters
  12. Inner Tubes
  13. Snowmobiles
  14. Baby Backpacks
Learn about Safety on the Slopes
Be Safe Out There

Learning about safety on the slopes is a good idea for any level of skier or rider. We recommend checking out the following resources: