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Monarch Outpost Opens May 24 

A little about me and what to expect

02 November
Categories : Storm Watch
Posted by Rich Rogers
Hey everyone and welcome to the 18′-19′ Monarch Mountain ski/forecast season!
Just a little intro about myself, my name is Rich Rogers, everyone here at Monarch calls me R2. I hale from the great state of Pennsylvania and I have been a Colorado resident for the last 11 years. I started ski patrolling then and havent looked back. I found myself interested in the different phases of snow, but first I needed to understand how and why it forms in so many different ways in the atmosphere; picturing it with a top to bottom view. I attended the Mountain Weather Forecasting Workshop presented by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center(CAIC) in 2015 and again in 2017 and completed the American Avalanche Association Professional level 1 Avalanche course through Colorado Mountain College’s Avalanche Science Program(ASP) in 2017.
Moving along, Ill be posting weather forecasts at 5-3-1 day intervals prior to a storm. During a storm Ill try and get some short posts about whats happening, how the skiing is improving and maybe a few hints on where to ski on certain days depending which way the wind might be blowing….your stash is not as secret as you think. Last but not least I’ll try and type up a little post storm analysis. This analysis will be posted once the storm is completely done. There will be a short discussion on the weather pattern then just a short list of forecasted temperatures, wind, sky cover and snow amounts. Ill try to not be too long winded but if I feel something has a stronger importance or value to the forecast I’ll have some emphasis on that factor. I enjoy using subtle movie quotes in this blog just to have a little fun so be on your toes for that.
Sooo, what is happening right now? 
There is snow on the ground, but not quite enough to ski. Currently temps are in the mid 20s(F), with winds out of the southwest @ 15-30mph, and it’s partly cloudy. It’s actually a pretty nice day here at Monarch Mountain.  After dark, snowfall will return to the mountains and continue till a short break early afternoon Saturday. New snow totals arent impressive, 2-4 inches, but it will help the cause. Another shot of snow comes in on Sunday night.
Ill leave ya with that. Thanks for following and pray for snow!
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