2017 Team Challenge Results

A-League: 1st place: The Jug, 2nd place: Mt. Shavano, 3rd place: Neat Freaks

B-League: 1st place: High 5's, 2nd place: Crank Yankers, 3rd place: Team 110%

Snowboard: 1st place: CO Sports Recyclers, 2nd place: Victoria Tavern, 3rd place: Fluff Puppies

Masters: 1st place: Block heads, 2nd place Mt. Shavano Masters

Super Seniors: 1st place: Mtn. Sports Haus, 2nd place: Mtn Shavano Super Seniors, 3rd place: Absolute bikes

Jr. Big Mtn: 1st place: James' Gang, 2nd place: Rick's Rippers, 3rd place: Kate's Kroozers

Jr. Mtn Race Team: 1st place: Jaguars, 2nd place: Panthers, 3rd place: Mountain Lions 


Town Challenge Info: (scroll down to see the most recent results available)

WHAT IS THE TOWN CHALLENGE? Monarch Mountain's Town Challenge is a FUN slalom race geared for all ability levels to participate in by creating their own race teams! The atmosphere is about having a good time, becoming a better skier/rider and spending time on the mountain with your friends. Plus, we give away great prizes and awards at the end of the every season!


The Town Challenge is a series of 7 races throughout the months of January, February, and March. These races are every Friday starting in January each year.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier or boarder or enjoy the rush of racing through gates – or are simply just an outdoor enthusiast – this is a great race for you! Leagues include: Telemark, A League Skiing, B-league Skiing, Snowboard, Masters (over 50) and Super Seniors (over 62).

Where: The race will be held on the skier's left side of the Freeway run.

Dates: (*there will be no rain dates due to snow*)

  • Jan 19th: team captains meeting 10am in Pioneer room, payment cut off and final deadline
  • Jan 20th: first day of actual races
    • every Friday till March 3rd
  • March 3rd: last race of the year and awards ceremony

Team captains: REQUIRED: Team captains must make a single payment for the entire team before the cut off date to be eligible to participate. The Team captains meeting will be held the Thursday before the team challenge’s first race day in the Pioneer room at 10am. Team captains who do not attend the meeting are required to find all info ahead of the first day and inform the rest of the team.

Waiver: All participants are required to sign a waiver before racing through the season pass desk or stop off after signing the waiver to get a ticket. At the time of the signature a ticket with a name and bib number will be provided to the racer at the season pass desk. 
*Without this ticket a rider is not allowed to race.