Ski Lockers

Monarch has day lockers available if you would like to store your shoes or those extra layers for easy access throughout the day.  We also rent Seasonal Lockers, large enough to fit your equipment, to store your gear throughout the season.

Day-Use Lockers

DayLockersIndividual day-use lockers are located in the Picnic Area of the main lodge, and in the Rental & Lesson Center; and allow you all day access with your own selected PIN.  Two sizes available at both locations:

Small (11”w x 13”t x 17”d)………......$5/day
Large (15”w x 23”t x 17”d)……….….$8/day

Go to one of the several Access Stations near the lockers, insert cash or credit card (large lockers – credit only) and select a PIN.  Remember your number! 

Lockers are emptied at the end of each day.

Seasonal Lockers $175/season

SeasonalLockersIndividual all-season-use lockers in a combination accessed room are located just off the Tunnel in the main lodge. 

Lockers measure 15" wide x 70" tall x 14" deep;
Maximum equipment length is 180 cm. 
Requires your own lock

Limited Availability.
Reserve seasonal lockers by calling 719.530.5028.