Tickets and Passes FAQs

I bought a ticket online but didn't come when I planned. Can I still use it?
Yes. The online ticket you purchased this season is good any day this season. It cannot be used for any other season, nor is it refundable.
It's snowing and/or really cold outside. Can I get a refund on my ticket and rentals?
When skiing/snowboarding you can expect adverse weather conditions. We do not do weather related refunds.
Do I need a lift ticket if I'm just teaching my child how to ski on the bunny slopes?
A lift ticket is needed by both parent and child if playing on any Monarch slope.
I'm moving and won't be able to use my pass anymore. Can I transfer or sell it to someone else?
No. Monarch season passes are non-transferrable. If you purchased insurance when you purchased your season pass, contact TravelGuard (877.828.6720) to determine if you are eligible for a refund for your situation.
I haven't used my pass at all this season (for whatever reason). Can I get a refund or transfer it to next season?
Passes are purchased for the current season only, and are non-transferrable. If you purchased insurance when you purchased your season pass, contact TravelGuard (877.828.6720) to determine if you can get a refund for your situation.
Can I buy a military pass/lift ticket online?
Because we need to see your valid military id, military passes/tickets cannot be purchased online. To purchase a military pass, either call us (719.530.5105) or stop by our Season Pass Desk. To purchase a military day-ticket, come to our ticket window with a valid military id.
What time do half-day tickets go on sale, and how much are they?
Please see LIFT TICKETS for this information.
At what age do seniors get a discount?
Please see LIFT TICKETS and SEASON PASSES for this information.
I turn 69 on November 22 (or later). Can I get my free Monarch pass now (or before Nov. 22)?
To order an early, free Super-Senior pass, your 69th birthday must fall on or before November 21 of the coming season. If your birthday falls after Nov. 21, you can get a free Super-Senior pass once you are 69.
I turn 62 on November 22 (or later). Can I purchase a Senior Pass at the early rate?
If your 62nd birthday is Nov. 21 or earlier this year, you can purchase a Monarch Senior pass at any time once they are on sale, for the posted rate at that time. If your 62nd birthday falls on Nov. 22 or later in the season, you can purchase a Senior Pass once you are 62, for the posted rate for that time.
My son/daughter doesn't turn 7 until next month. Can I still get him/her the free 6 & under children's pass?
If your son/daughter turns 7 after Nov. 21 of this year, he/she is still eligible for the free children's pass with the purchase of a regular adult pass. If he/she turns 7 before Nov. of this year, he/she is considered a Junior for the coming season. You may purchase a Junior pass for him/her at the posted rate at the time you make the purchase.
Do you offer a discount on lift tickets for people with disabilities?
If you are disabled and have an ADA card you can purchase a day-ticket at a discounted price. Please come to the ticket window to purchase your lift ticket as this type of discount is not offered online.