This section provides the press with the latest up-to-date statistics and basic mountain information for Monarch Mountain.

  • Complimentary tickets are for credentialed press only. Tickets for guests of media members will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.
  • Contact our offices for complimentary lift tickets at least 48 hours in advance.
  • A photo I.D. and press/media identification and/or business card are required to pick up complimentary tickets. We may also request that you fill out a release of liability form and/or a media information sheet.

Please provide us with the following information prior to your arrival:

  • A one sheet description of the purpose of your visit, your media affiliation, when and how long you plan on visiting and what type of assistance you will require from the resort.
  • You may be asked to submit a letter of assignment on company letterhead from your editor, news director or producer that includes date of assignment, story focus, as well as the date when the piece is expected to run.
  • Following your media visit, we would appreciate you sending us a tear-sheet of your article or video/audio tape which resulted from your visit to Monarch Mountain. This helps us keep our files up to date and keep track of coverage. Please do not forget to provide location credit whenever possible.

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