General Info FAQs

Do you have wifi?
Yes. Connect to MonarchGuest. Wifi at Monarch is free.
How's the cellphone coverage on the mountain?
AT&T coverage is reasonably good, especially at the base and on top. All other carriers currently get very poor or no coverage. Monarch continues to look at the various options to remedy this.
Do you have sledding, tubing, ski-biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling at Monarch?
For the safety of you, your family, and others we only allow skiing and snowboarding on our mountain. Uphill traffic is only allowed outside of our operating hours.
For local snowmobiling, see www.snowmobilemonarch.com.
For cross-country or AT skiing, or snowshoeing there is a turn-off from US50 approximately a mile west of Monarch, which provides access to the back-country.

There are no developed sledding or tubing outfits in the area.

For other activities, click here for the Salida Chamber of Commerce.
Do you have mountain biking or other summer activities on the mountain?
During the summer we do not run the lifts or have any organized summer activities on the mountain.
For information on nearby mountain biking trails, see www.monarchcrest.com.
Can I book a room at Monarch?
Monarch does not have on-site overnight accommodations.  Nearby towns for lodging include the town of Monarch, Maysville, Poncha Springs, Salida and Buena Vista.  Click here for a list of lodging opportunities.
Can I ski with my baby/child in a pack attached to me?
For the safety of you and your child, babies or small children in packs are not allowed while riding the lifts or on the runs.
Can I ride the lift without skiing or snowboarding?
You must have on skis or a snowboard to load and unload the chairlifts.
Can I bring my dog to Monarch?
Dogs must be leashed and attended to in the parking lot only. Please be respectful and cleanup after your pet. Service animals are welcome.
Can I leave my car in the parking lot overnight?
Overnight parking is not allowed accept in the case of emergency (medical situation, break down, intoxication). Vehicles left overnight may be towed to a different location to allow for snow plowing or aligning guest parking. Please contact our Guest Services personnel if you must leave your car.
Can I park my RV and stay overnight in the parking lot?
Monarch is not an approved campsite by the USFS, therefore, RVs and other overnight stays are not permitted. Click here for a list of lodging opportunities.
When do you open/close?
Please see ABOUT MONARCH\STATS AND HOURS for dates and hours.
Does the Forest Service tell you when to open/close?
The USFS does not dictate when we open or close. It is a Monarch Mountain business decision.
Are there buses/shuttles that run guests to/from Monarch?
For guest shuttle information, please see www.salidarec.com
Do I need to make reservations, and how far in advance?
A minimum 48 hours advance reservation is required for phone reservations for lessons, equipment rentals and childcare.  Online reservations must be made 72 hours in advance for lessons, and 48 hours in advance for rentals.  For phone reservations, please call 888.996.7669.  Click here for online reservations.
Can I book a snowcat tour for sightseeing?
Monarch Cat Skiing is designed for skiers and snowboarders who want the on-snow, back-country experience. Our snowcats do not tour the in-boundary area of the mountain for sightseeing. Please see GENERAL INFO\CAT SKIING for more information.
I'm planning a wedding. Can I have it at Monarch?
You are welcome to get married on the mountain, however, we cannot accommodate large parties in regards to space, catering, or transportation of individuals not wearing equipment on the mountain.
I don't have my goggles/helmet/hat/gloves. Can I borrow something from Lost & Found and return it later?
On the possibility that we might reunite lost items with the rightful owner, items cannot be borrowed out of Lost & Found.
Do you have microwaves guests can use?
No, the County Health Regulations do not allow us to have public microwaves.
Can I bring my lunch/cooler and eat in the lodge?
Sack lunches and coolers are permitted on the slopeside deck, and in the Picnic Area of the base lodge, which is located on the Tunnel level at the south side of the building.
Why can't I bring my skis/snowboard into the lodge?
Equipment such as skis and snowboards can be dangerous in the lodge, and they take up a lot of space. Therefore, equipment must be kept outside. 

Equipment locks are available for rent at the Ticket Window, or for sale in the Sport Shop, if you are concerned about security.
Do you offer a military discount?
With a valid military id, you can purchase a Monarch season pass or a day-ticket at a discounted price. Your discounted season pass will include all of the benefits of a regular priced season pass. We are unable to sell these products online, so you'll need to purchase your pass or ticket in person on the mountain.

We do not offer military discounts for rental equipment, lessons, or purchases other than those described above.
This is my first time ever to ski or snowboard. What do I need or need to know?
Click here for HELPFUL HINTS to get you started. You can also call 719.530.5040 if you have additional questions or just to speak to someone for assistance.
Is your mountain accessible for people with disabilities?
Do you allow ADA equipment on your mountain?
Due to different requirements for loading/unloading the chair lifts with ADA equipment, the equipment must be approved beforehand on a case by case basis. Please call 719.530.5040 to obtain approval.
With marijuana now legal in the state of Colorado, can I smoke pot at Monarch?
Marijuana is still an illegal substance according to federal law, and because Monarch resides on federal land, marijuana is not allowed on Monarch and is federally enforced by the USFS.